Challenging Glass Conference 5

International Conference on the Architectural and Structural Application of Glass

16 & 17 June 2016 - Ghent University - Ghent - Belgium


Challenging Glass is an international bi-annual conference that aims at gathering world class designers, engineers, researchers and industry partners to discuss on the architectural and structural use of glass.


Previous editions of the Challenging Glass conferences have been held in 2016 at Ghent University in Belgium, in 2014 at the EPFL in Switzerland and in 2012, 2010 and 2008 at the TU Delft in The Netherlands.


Challenging Glass 6 will take place in the first half of 2018. Date & location to be announced.



  • Challenging Glass 5 was recently held in Ghent, Belgium. Check the photos of this highly informative and pleasant event below. Thank you to all who contributed to its success!
  • USB-sticks with the collective proceedings of Challenging Glass 1, 2, 3, and 5 will be available for order soon. Email to if you are interested.
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Conference themes:

  • Projects & Case studies
  • Joints & Fixings & Adhesives
  • Strength & Stability
  • Laminated Glass & Interlayer Properties
  • Hybrid & Composite Glass Components
  • Numerical Modeling & Experimental Validation
  • Curved & Bended Glass
  • Architectural Design, Geometries & Lighting
  • Structural Glass Design Philosophy & Structural Safety
  • Insulating Glass Units
  • Glass in Facades
CGC5 - Ghent

Audience at Challenging Glass 5, click to enlarge the photo, or browse more photos.

Challenging Glass Conference 5 - Ghent University - Ghent - Belgium - 16 & 17 June 2016 -